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It has been a busy few months recently with only one new work completed as most of the time has been spent on revision and computer setting of older compositions.

The new work is a setting of "Lenten is come to town" for tenor, two bass parts with a piano accompaniment lasting four minutes. The new carol "Alleluia. A new work is come on hand" has received a final editing and check through ready for it's first performance later this year by Thames Voyces. (For details please see below)

Praeludium 6 for chamber orchestra has received a complete revision from start to finish. Much of the material has been rewritten and orchestrated. Nevertheless it still runs to 6 minutes.

Praeludium 5, commended in the 2003 Oare International Composers' competition, has been reset on the computer to produced a clearer and easier edition to read, including the parts. Amongst all this revision there has been the retitling of some of the orchestral works.

op 7 "Concentus Luctuosus" for strings and percussion becomes "Symphony 1"

op 25a (A discarded work needing revision) becomes "Symphony 2"

op 48 "Triptych" for amateur string players becomes "Symphony 3"

op 58 "Symphony" can regain its number of 4

As for future projects, there is that orchestral work mentioned above plus a choral cantata for performance in 2020 as well as continuing the project of settings in Latin from the Cambridge Songs".


16th December 2017. "Alleluia! A new work is come on hand" op 82. Thames Voyces. St Joseph's Church. Bracknell..


9th April 2017. "Iesu, who this our lententide" op 23. The Church choir, St Michael's Church, Sandhurst, Berkshire

27th November 2016. "Masters in the hall" op 26. Advent Carol Service.St Michael's Church.Sandhurst, Berkshire

28th May 2016. Songs for Soprano and piano. "Now Welcome Summer" op 19c, "Colours and Summer Days", op 63 "Busy Bee and Squeak (the final two from "carmina d'animalibus" op 76). Portsmouth Grammar School. Lucy Cronins, soprano, and Oliver Hancock, piano.

26th April 2015.Suite for piano op 5. Portsmouth Grammar School. Karen Kingsley.

14th March 2015."O Perfect Love" op 60. The Church choir, St Michael's Church, Sandhurst, Berkshire.